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4 Reasons I Use FOREVER Storage tools & technology May 25, 2022

One of my 2022 genealogy goals is to start getting my digital photos into FOREVER Storage. The plan was to spend 30-60 minutes each week working on this goal. Initially, I had to figure out my workflow, which took a little bit of time to work through. But I finally have it figured out and have been spending time each week bringing photos into FOREVER Historian for tagging, editing, and organizing, and then I send them to FOREVER Storage.

What is FOREVER Storage?

FOREVER Storage is a...

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My Top 4 Transcription Tips methods & strategies May 04, 2022

Did you know that I transcribe every genealogy record I find? This may seem like overkill, but it has made a world of difference in my genealogy research. Why? Because it forces me to slow down and actually read every word a record has to offer, and that alone, is what leads to the answers I seek (or at least clues that put me on the right path to the answer). Plus, I get a readable digital copy that I can annotate with notes, questions, observations, and hypotheses.

Here are my top four tips...

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AncestryDNA: New Ethnicity Feature Divides Results By Parent tools & technology Apr 20, 2022

So what’s new with AncestryDNA? Well first, there’s been another ethnicity estimate update. Mine have changed drastically. The only constant is my Germanic Europe region, which went from 32% to 34%. The others have jumped quite a bit in one direction or the other, a new region has been added, and Spain (which popped up for the first time in the last update) is now gone.

But what’s really cool is that with AncestryDNA’s new SideView tool, you can see your ethnicity...

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1950 Census: So What & Why Should You Care? records Apr 13, 2022

I remember seeing a lot of people comment during the lead up to the 1950 US census release that they didn’t understand the hype and really didn’t care to look for people because they “knew” them. I have continued to see this in the week following the release, and I have to say that I strongly disagree with this notion, and I’ve got three reasons why that I’ll share in this article.

1. It’s a Record

As part of the Genealogical Proof Standard, we are...

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Need some help with the 1950 census? records tools & technology Apr 07, 2022

You’ve probably spent some time over the last several days trying to find people in the 1950 US census (I know I have!).

But it’s not an easy task, especially without a solid index and search tools that we’re used to.

That said, I’ve been creating a variety of videos that address some of the issues and offer solutions and workarounds. Here’s what I’ve posted so far (more coming, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!):

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