AncestryDNA: New Ethnicity Feature Divides Results By Parent

tools & technology Apr 20, 2022

So what’s new with AncestryDNA? Well first, there’s been another ethnicity estimate update. Mine have changed drastically. The only constant is my Germanic Europe region, which went from 32% to 34%. The others have jumped quite a bit in one direction or the other, a new region has been added, and Spain (which popped up for the first time in the last update) is now gone.

But what’s really cool is that with AncestryDNA’s new SideView tool, you can see your ethnicity results broken down by parent. And, bonus, neither of your parents have to test!

According to the information provided, the SideView technology can piece “together the DNA your matches share with you and each other” and then “group your DNA by the parent it came from.” Because of their massive database, this can be done without having parents tested.

To see how to access this new feature, check out the demo portion of the video below:

So now that you know a little bit more about this new ethnicity feature, it’s your turn to take action. Head on over to your AncestryDNA account and using the steps I showed in the video, take a peek at your new ethnicity estimates and the breakdown by parent.

I hope you enjoyed this video and that you’re excited to check out the new ethnicity tool from AncestryDNA.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you’re excited to check out the new ethnicity tool from AncestryDNA. If you found this article helpful, be sure to add the Genealogy In Action blog to your favorite RSS reader.

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