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Digital File Organization for Genealogy methods & strategies tools & technology Dec 29, 2021

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Organizing all of our genealogy "stuff" can be quite the challenge. In fact, it's the #1 area that genealogists struggle with (according to my informal poll). I get it! I consider myself a highly organized person, but I struggled for years trying to figure out a system for organizing both paper and digital genealogy files.

Since we're approaching a new year, I've seen a lot of genealogists setting goals to get...

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Free Webinar: The 5 Keys for Effective & Efficient Genealogy Research announcements Nov 02, 2021

Next week I am hosting a live webinar and you're invited!

In this free webinar I'll share with you the five things that truly transformed the way I research and have helped me solve many tricky research problems.

I'll show you:

  • a simple but powerful way to immediately focus your research project
  • my favorite tips for effective record analysis
  • methods that will help you get and stay organized as you research
  • strategies that will give you a big-picture view of your research project
  • the benefits...
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Genealogy Brick Walls Are Solvable methods & strategies Oct 06, 2021

Ah, the dreaded genealogy phrase, brick wall.

The dread is understandable, since we usually use the phrase to mean an unsolvable research problem.

But, brick walls come in different shapes and sizes. And, sometimes they're self-imposed (‍ raises hand in guilt).

A brick wall is usually created by one or many of the following roadblocks:

  • Lack of records
  • Misinterpreted records
  • Absence of direct evidence
  • Same-name individuals
  • Unknown origin
  • Unconventional migration
  • Haphazard research...
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Take the Genealogy Scavenger Hunt Out for a Test Drive! announcements Oct 01, 2021

Hubby and I have been debating whether to cut the cable cord or not (our cable service is horrible!). As a result, we've been talking to friends and exploring what streaming services are available to replace our cable.

As we weighed our options, we decided we're going to take a few out for a test drive because all of them offer a free trial. Perfect! We can check out the features and make sure our favorite shows are available, essentially looking for the streaming service that's the perfect...

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Find the Family Church Using WPA Inventories methods & strategies records references & resources Sep 22, 2021

Figuring out which church a family attended can be a challenge, especially when there are no city directories to consult or county histories fall short on detailing churches. So where can you turn?

The Works Project Administration's Historical Records Survey located and cataloged church records. The resulting inventories, many of which were published in the 1930s and 1940s, can help you figure out which churches were in a particular area at a particular time, so you can identify potential...

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