Don't You…Forget About YOU!

other Jul 28, 2021

You’ve spent countless hours filling in the details of your ancestors, but have you taken the time to record your own biographical details? I actually did this several years ago as a departure from research (sometimes you just need a break!!). I spent some time entering a variety of my life events into my genealogy database. It was a good exercise for me, because as I get older, certain details just seem to fade away. Since that initial project, I regularly add things to my database. Usually it’s triggered by an event; other times it’s triggered by a random memory.

I encourage you to take some time and record your biographical, because hey, we aren’t getting any younger and the longer we wait, the more we’ll forget. Following is a list of details to consider adding to your own profile in your database:

  • Residences
  • Memberships (fraternity/sorority, scouts, organizations, clubs, etc.)
  • Schooling
  • Event Attendance (weddings, funerals, bridal/baby showers, birthday parties, etc.)
  • Vacations
  • Employment
  • Awards

I even recorded my religious confirmation, my marriage engagement, and my pets (okay, that one may be odd, but hey, they’re part of my family—I promise, they’re not recorded as children!). My timeline is the most detailed in my database. Boy, what I wouldn’t give to have these little tidbits for my ancestors.

Here's a snippet of my events that I recorded in Legacy:

Now it's your turn. Spend an hour or so adding your own biographical details to your genealogy database. Once you're done, spend some time doing the same thing for your spouse(s), child(ren), and parents. Help future generations by leaving your own legacy!

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