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Hey there, I'm Julie !

I simplify advanced genealogy research concepts so you can chase down your elusive ancestors quickly and confidently. So if you’re a dedicated genealogist looking to up-level your research skills, you’re in the right place.

Genealogy In Action provides action-based education so you can actually make progress on your genealogy projects. You'll be inspired to take action, because without action, there's no progress; and without progress, there's no solving those long-standing family history mysteries.

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Research Planning  for Genealogists

Learn how to build an actionable research plan quickly and easily so you can start making progress on your genealogy projects.

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Genealogy Problem-Solving Academy

Research with intention by learning a step-by-step process to work on brick wall projects effectively and efficiently.

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Learn 8 strategies to help you track down your elusive ancestors

With this quick guide you'll learn eight tried-and-true strategies that you can apply to your research problems so you can see your research project in different ways and renew your motivation to push through that brick wall.

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Up-Level Your Genealogy Skills

The Genealogy In Action blog discusses various records, methods and strategies, references and resources, and tools and technology to help you grow your genealogy skills. Articles also include a take-action prompt so you can immediately put into practice what you learned.

Mind Mapping for Genealogy

Jan 18, 2024

Review Your Research, Break Down a Brick Wall

Jan 18, 2023

My FOREVER Digitization Journey

Dec 21, 2022


I'm Julie Cahill Tarr, AG

I believe that research planning and skill-building are the keys to success in genealogy. I created Genealogy In Action because I want to provide education designed to help you grow your skills AND make progress at the same time, thus solving even the toughest genealogy problems.

The methods I teach have been refined over several years of working on my own genealogy as well as helping clients. I want to share these methods with you so you canĀ quickly and easily get to a stage of effective and efficient research. My methods are easy to follow and allow for flexibility so you can modify them to suit your research style (this is what my students LOVE!).

I've been a part of the genealogy community for more than 15 years, and I love helping other genealogists take their skills to the next level. If your ready, I'd love to help you up-level your genealogy skills too!

P.S. I like both cats and dogs equally, am addicted to chocolate, and make a killer mac 'n' cheese.

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"I've seen a lot of different teaching styles, but I have to say your method and approach is OUTSTANDING!"

- Vicki Hilb

"Julie is a wealth of information, and I easily bonded with her methods and approach to teaching."

- Michael Godown

"I loved that lessons are specific and actionable, not theoretical like other genealogy courses and lectures."

- Debbie Berry

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