Take your research skills to the next level through practical activities each month

I get it...genealogy research is challenging! Why? Because there’s so much to know! You’ve read books, watched webinars, attended lectures, and it still feels like there’s more to learn.

All these learning opportunities are great, but the bigger problem is, when we don’t apply what we’ve learned, we tend to forget it. That’s where the Genealogy Scavenger Hunt comes in!

Through this annual subscription, you’ll receive a hands-on challenge each month. You’ll follow clues to a freely available genealogy record and use it to answer a series of questions.

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Join the Genealogy Scavenger Hunt if you want to...

  • test your genealogy skills
  • learn about new-to-you records
  • dive deeper into common records
  • explore a variety of free online repositories
  • add educational resources to your toolbox
  • find inspiration and ideas for your own research

all while engaging in fun activities every month!

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I think what I like most about these challenges is that they force you to look at these record sets more in-depth. Digging through them gives you a better idea of what might be found in these records. And if it is a record set you are not familiar with, it opens up a whole new world.  —Cathy

This was fun, and I once again learned something or was inspired to do something on my own family research. —Barbara

How it works

On the first of each month you’ll receive a new scavenger hunt challenge with a worksheet.

Use the clues to find the record(s) and answer the provided questions.

Submit your answers to unlock a video demonstration of the answers.

Super! I want in!

It was fun and I learned a lot. I should be using state records more than I do. What I took away the most is to slow down and read the records.  —Marguerite

Julie got a whole lot of us thinking a little different and reminded us to think outside the box. I also learned that I need to go outside my comfort zone and spend time researching records I seldom use. —Vicki

How about some bonuses?


Access to the previous five month's challenges.


A Take Action Prompt each month so you can take action on your own research.


A free digital copy of 10 Ways to Take Action in 10 Minutes or Less: A Genealogy In Action Guide

Let's do this!

The person behind the hunt...

I'm Julie Cahill Tarr, a genealogist known for strategic planning and problem solving. I firmly believe in active, practical learning and that's what Genealogy In Action is all about. The scavenger hunt is designed for genealogists to engage in the learning process for better recall and retention, all while having fun.

You did a wonderful job. I enjoyed getting into sources I sometimes forget about. Thanks for all the work you put into it!  —Linda

I’ve checked on city directories but I learned a new site to look into. I learned how to look up information in FamilySearch, I never would have found a will without this site. I know how to read platbooks/maps, but I learned a new site to check.  —Kathy

Still on the fence? Maybe these will answer your questions.

Since COVID-19 stay-at-home orders happened I felt my research abilities decreasing. Your fun scavenger hunt gave me the confidence boost I needed to get back on track. That was big for me and worth a lot.   —Carla

The hunt was not only fun but educational. You are inspiring me to get back into genealogy research.  —Michel

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Genealogy Scavenger Hunt

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  • 12-month subscription to Genealogy Scavenger Hunt
  • BONUS #1: A Take Action Prompt each month so you can take action on your own research
  • BONUS #2: A free copy of 10 Ways to Take Action in 10 Minutes or Less: A Genealogy In Action Guide
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